Our Story - what we are known for at a glance

2016 saw the birth of our craft beer bar where we have installed 15 taps to pour international craft beers to serve the happy community of people working at South Beach Tower and Suntec City (and surrounding office places).

Then in 2017, we accidentally experienced a growth hack when we launched the legendary STEAK BUFFET - free flow of Australian Ribeye and many other sides for only $30++.

Steak buffet was meant to be a pop up to promote awareness of our restaurant bar. However, our customers did not want us to end it there. And we listened. Till Nov 2021, we have served more than 70,000 steak buffets

In 2020, we experienced a 2nd growth hack when we launched the CRAZIEST deal of our journey - the now $75++ Wagyu Ribeye (650grams) served with 2 sides. This was meant to be a temporary relief due to the supply issues with our successful Wagyu Porterhouse/OP Rib (800grams) program. The Wagyu Ribeye was a phenomenal success as proven to us by the crazy data. We are serving more than 1,000 Wagyu Ribeye a month! 

There are several secrets that we have learnt about the Wagyu Ribeye. We shall share one of them with you now: our Wagyu Ribeye (650grams) has what we believe is our most optimal thickness - allowing the right amount of maillard reaction (that almost perfect browning of the steak to give that beautiful crust!)


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Reservation Guidelines:
​To prevent wastage of our capacity due to no shows and late comers

  • Reservations will only be held for
    10 minutes

  • No last minute changes/holding

  • Late comers will be placed on our prioritized reserved wait list

  • We have reserved some seats for walk-ins

Seating Guidelines:

  • Reservations are prioritized for indoor seats where possible

  • However, should there be insufficient seats indoors, you will be wait listed for indoor seats or you could be provided with outdoor seats

Our WHATSAPP (messaging only)

+65 85573866

  • For cancellation of online bookings

  • Strictly no bookings via WHATSAPP

  • Strictly no holding of reservation (all late comers will be placed on waitlist)

  • We may not respond quickly due to lack of manpower



Fresh juicy burgers with our signature fresh ground wagyu beef and all the toppings to stuff between buttery brioche buns

Signature 100% fresh ground wagyu rump and chuck for that juicy meat to fat ratio
Many toppings to choose from including grilled mushroom, grilled/caramelized onions, pickles, jalapeno, green peppers, avocado, bacon, lettuce, grilled tomato



Chosen carefully from all over the world, we bring to you the 15 of the best craft beers.


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50 indoor seated

80 outdoor seated

100 indoor standing

150 outdoor standing

Great For

Media launch

Networking session

Dinner and dance

Corporate lunch and dinner

AV and Support


2 X 55 inch TV screen

Full audio system