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Good Beers, Good Steaks, No Frills

We love good beers and we love good steaks! Not being able to find such a steakhouse bar, we decided to create our own to serve like-minded patrons.

Good Beers in a Steakhouse: A selection of 15 craft beers on tap including our own in-house recipe brewed by partner breweries in Singapore. The secret of fresh craft beers lies in the complete cold chain - from brewery to our store. Not just any steakhouse/bars are able to maintain this cold chain as beers are usually kept at room temperature and flash chilled at most of the bars in Singapore.

Good Steaks yet affordable: Prime / premium steak usually offered at extremely high price at fine dining restaurants should also be made available to the mass market. Our signature cuts are the USDA Prime and Australia Wagyu Ribeye butchered to around 500 - 580grams for for the optimum thickness. For larger groups (3 onwards), we recommend the USDA Prime and Australia Wagyu Tomahawk (1.5kg - 2.5kg) .


Armoury has 15 CRAFT BEERS on TAP.


The only steakhouse to also offer a wide variety of craft beers as we love good beers paired with good steaks.

We also love wine when we want to feel 'atas' or just enjoy that pairing with steak. Pretentious or delicious.

Corporate Event



50 indoor seated

80 outdoor seated

80 indoor standing

120 outdoor standing

Great For

Media launch

Networking session

Dinner and dance

Corporate lunch and dinner

AV and Support


1x 50 inch TV screen

Full audio system

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